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We facilitate strategic alliances to boost successful sustainable projects in Brazil.

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Presented Problem:

Present the difficulties faced by global companies in establishing effective and sustainable partnerships in the Brazilian market.

Proposed Solution:

Highlight how BBC facilitates strategic connections that overcome these challenges, enabling growth and sustainability.

US$ 2 bi


Brazil's fundraising according to the Sustainable Bond

2023 Nielsen Global Sustainability Survey, increased green investment in the last 3 years

US$ 38 tri


Estimated annual losses due to the climate crisis according to Nature magazine

Reduction in global income by 2049

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Research and development contracts

Joint marketing and promotion

Sectors we have access to:

Steel industry

Some possibles partnerships:

Some types of strategic alliances:




Capital market

Intellectual capital




Lead Network Creation:

Pitch Co-creation:

Proposal Presentation:

BBC establishes a network of contacts in Brazil to identify and capture opportunities for their clients' projects.

The company collaborates with its clients to create compelling pitches to attract investors and strategic partners.

BBC presents the proposals directly to identified leads, acting as an intermediary to form strategic and profitable alliances.

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Júlio Ferreira - Founder

Julio Ferreira is the driving force behind Green Kids Austin and its sister project, an innovative “sustainable village” and ecological education resource for young people. Born in Brazil, he lives in Texas as an American citizen with his family. His global perspective and talent for cutting-edge commercial strategies, com­bined with his passion for protecting the environment through sustainable development solutions, has earned him an international reputation as an enthusiastic visionary and business pioneer. A devoted Family man and loyal friend, he remains a true student of the world, treating each day as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Zé Lírio - Creative & Strategy Director

Zé Lírio is a production engineer who uses creative ideas to generate positive impacts on society. Through Storytelling and sales knowledge, creating opportunities to leverage profitable projects.

Rodrigo Verrengia - International Network Manager

Rodrigo is a young man of great creativity and rare intelligence. He's acting on our team and focused on searching for new opportunities to bring the US approaching the Dynamic Economics of Brazil. Talent and great humanist vision. Loyalty and competence go together with Rodrigo.

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